2. Workflow Classes

A workflow class is the central component of a workflow. When  a workflow begins, the Details page associated with the Class is displayed where the user enters the initial information for the new workflow (e.g. a safety incident report, site inspection, or approval request for travel). Below we show an image of the Details page for each Class.

The following workflow Classes are available as standard options in PeopleTray:

  1. Event Class: Capture a safety and quality report. Company or project based. Configurable to wide variety of event types, notifications and reporting.
  2. Project Class: Manage projects – Internal or linked to a CRM customer. Status, Action plans, Documents, Team members and Contractors, Risks.
  3. Person Checklist Class: Submit checklists associated with user, Projects, Contractors, Customers. Enhance with custom fields for downstream analysis. Used for things like Site inspections, prestarts, Journey plans, Take 5’s, Activity reports and Timesheets.
  4. Equipment Checklist Class: Select user name, then equipment item to perform an Equipment Pre-Start checklist.
  5. Request Class: Request approval for travel or a purchase.

Custom classes are also available. Discuss with your PeopleTray Consultant.

More information on each Workflow Class below.

1.   Event Class – Safety incidents and reports

The Event Class captures safety event details such as a safety incident, injury or hazard observation.

A variety of safety orientated tabs are available, such as causes, assess, injury, investigation in addition to more generic tabs for documents, corrective actions.

2.   Project Class – Manage projects, linked to CRM customers

The Project Class captures project name, select internal or customer type and link to CRM Customer. Add details, objectives and next step.

3.   Person Checklist Class – Suggestions, Activity Reports, Journey Plans,

With the Person Checklist the user selects from the available Person Checklists. It is used to capture reports related to a person without associating with a Project, Customer or Equipment item (required by the other Checklist workflow classes. Examples include:

  • Person submits a suggestion to management team.
  • Person submits and activity report.
  • Person submits a journey plan.
View the PeopleTray Dashboards for viewing incoming checklists …

4.   Equipment Checklist Class – Inspections / Pre Starts

With the Equipment Checklist class the user selects the operator, then an equipment item. It is used to capture equipment pre starts and equipment inspections.

Equipment operators will often sign in using a shared account, then select their name from a list. This reduces the administration and support requirement for operators.

The equipment item is a list from the equipment register. In the register, equipment types are associated with appropriate equipment checklist. Displaying the checklist after selecting the equipment display the checklist for the selected equipment type.

The following image is a equipment checklist (e.g. pre start or inspection) on a mobile device.

5.   Request Class – Approvals

The request class captures details of travel, training or other purchase requirements to initiate an approval process.

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