An important feature of PeopleTray is the ability to organise your team into Workgroups. Small businesses may only need one or two Workgroups, whereas larger businesses may find it useful to organise their team into a greater number of Workgroups.

Every person who is added to your Account will be assigned to a Workgroup.

Employees and Contractors can be members of the same or different Workgroups. You are free to assign people to different Workgroups at any time.

When a user signs into PeopleTray, the members of their Workgroup are displayed on their Homepage, with contact details.

The members of a Workgroup are managed by people that are assigned the role of Editor of the Workgroup. Editor is a User Role type. Workgroup Editors are able to view and manage the Details, Actions, Reports, Approvals, Performance Appraisals for members of their Workgroup.

Other User Role types are:

  • Administrator – Editor role for ALL Workgroups.
  • Reader – A member of a workgroup. All users are Readers, unless assigned a different role by an Editor or Administrator.

For more information on User Roles view the User Role guides.

Workgroups and Workflows

In the real world different teams (Workgroups) perform different activities and have different administrative needs. For example, some Teams must travel or may be required to make purchases. Other Teams may operate in hazardous environments or perform hazardous work.

PeopleTray provide Reporting, Approval and (Health and Safety) Event manage tools, which are implemented as Workflows. Workflows can be assigned to the Teams (Workgroups) that require those tools.

The following image shows the Homepage for a user whose Workgroup has been associated with several different Workflows.

The white arrow highlights the button for submitting a Weekly Report to the supervisor (Editor) of the Workgroup. It appears in the menu because the Weekly Report workflow has been assigned to the user’s Workgroup.

Note, the black arrow highlights the panel which displays the members of the user’s Workgroup.

The following image shows a User Profile, with the Workgroup setting highlighted.

System Administrators can update and modify the Workgroup list via the Settings:

Menu > Settings > TeamTray > Workgroups

Well done reviewing Workgroups.

Next we will look at the concept of User Roles and what each User Role can do.

Introduction to User Roles

Workgroups guide
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