Assigning User Roles and Modules

By default, a person who registers a new PeopleTray Account is assigned the user role of System Administrator, and can access all settings, information and Modules.

All other team members are assigned the user role of Reader when their profile is initially registered. Specifically they will be Readers of the TeamTray module.

Only users with System Administrator and Administrator User Roles are able to assign User Roles, and assign users to Modules.

If you wish to modify your Security Settings, you must contact your System Administrator or Administrator. A link to your System Administrator is included in the ‘My Links’ panel on your Home Page.

There are two locations for administering User Roles.

Administrators and System Administrators:

  • Open a Person Profile, then click the Product Settings tab.

System Administrators only:

  • Open Menu > Settings > Manage User Roles

Assigning User Roles and Modules from a Person Profile

Open the person profile by typing their name in the Search People field on the Menu Panel. Click the Product Settings tab.

In the above image Becki Hunton is a member of the Corporate Administration workgroup. This field corresponds to the Workgroup setting in Person Profile Details tab.

Becki Hunton is also shown to have the Default role of Reader.

Note that the System Administrator role option is only displayed to users who have the role of System Administrator. (Administrators will see only Reader, Editor and Administrator options).

To assign this person the user role of Editor for the Corporate Administration workgroup, fill out the form as shown. You may also enter a note to provide information to other Administrators, or as a reminder to yourself. Select Save.

To assign the person to Editor role for one or more Workgroups, select the Editor option, and select the required Workgroups.

Note that assigning the person to the User Role of Administrator, is same as assigning the person Editor role of all Workgroups.

Selecting the Modules tab opens the page for assigning the person to a Module. All users have access to the TeamTray module by default, and this setting cannot be removed.

Access the Module guides for an explanation of functionality of each module.

Central administration of user roles

System Administrators have access to the administration Settings where user roles may be centrally administered.

When signed in as System Administrator select the Settings button on the Menu Bar.

Note: You can check your user role by selecting your name on the right side of the menu bar.

Select User Roles from the sidebar menu, then select Manage Roles.

To modify the user role settings for an individual, select the Edit button on the left end of the grid row. If you select the ‘Include Readers‘ option at the top of the grid, you can then edit the settings in the same manner for Readers.

Alternatively, assign user role settings to a Reader by selecting the Add Security Role button on the top right.

The form for assigning or modifying User Role settings is the same as used when modifying User Roles from the Product Settings tab on the Person Profile – discussed earlier in this guide, and displayed below.

Select the Module Settings tab on the form to assign the person to a module with Module Administration privileges.

Congratulations. You have completed the guide to assigning User Roles and Modules.

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