Searching for people

Quick search

The quickest way to open a person profile is to type their name (first or last) into the search field in the left navigation pane.

The list of names available is restricted based on your User Role settings. For example, Editor can see the members of their Workgroup. Administrators and System Administrators can see everyone in your Account.

Selecting the name opens the person’s profile.


The People Search functions provide flexible searching of the people that are members of your Account (organisation) and for searching the database of private individuals that have registered their profiles on PeopleTray.

Select the People button on the menu bar, then Search People from the menu list.

NB: A view is a list of data. When using the People Search tools it is a list of people that have been filtered based on the filters you choose in the Corporate or Private Search Option panels.

By default the view of your workgroup, My Workgroup is displayed and selecting Go will display the list of people in your workgroup. Clicking on the view selector will display a list of your saved views.

In the View Selector views of your people are coloured black. Views of people in PeopleTray’s private person register are coloured blue.

The Corporate Search Options button options the panel that allows you to search for members of your organisation. The Public Search Options button opens the panel to search the public register of individuals that have registered their details in PeopleTray.

Select the Corporate Search Options button. To create and save a view, fill out some fields, then select Save as View. Enter the new view name the Click on Save.

Select the View field at the top to see and select the a view, then Go to display the associated list of people on the page.

On the results table, people sourced from from the public register (individuals that have registered in PeopleTray) will have a vertical orange bar in front of the name.

To delete a saved view, select the X button alongside the Go button.

Congratulations. You are now able to search for people.

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