Published advertisements

Advertisements may be published Internally or to Public via the publish settings on the Create/Edit Advertisement form. See the Create Job Advertisement guide.

This guide explains where advertisements are displayed and their appearance.

Once published, Advertisements remain published until the Internal and Publish checkboxes on the Create/Edit advertisements page are un-checked. There are no constraints on publishing or ceasing the publish status of advertisements.

Once an advertisement (Internal or Public) is published, it is displayed on your TalentTray Home Page. This makes it easy to see which advertisements are published internally and externally.

Internal advertisements

Advertisements that are published ‘Internally’ may be viewed only by employees and other signed in members of your Account. A link to the internal Role Opportunities board is displayed on the home page for all users:

Selecting the link displays the Internal Role Opportunities board:

Selecting the job title opens the Role Advertisement:

Clicking the Apply button takes the applicant to the application page.

Public advertisements

Advertisements published to Public are displayed on the PeopleTray Public Jobs Board. The Public Jobs Board is open to the public as a web page without signing in to PeopleTray. There are no links to the Public Jobs Board from within the PeopleTray application or its sign in page.

The Public Jobs Board displays all advertisements published as Public, by users of PeopleTray.

A link to the Public Jobs board can be found at

The Public Jobs Board is similar to the internal jobs board. The difference being that it displays all of the advertisements published to Public by PeopleTray users.

This guide has reviewed the appearance of advertisements for applicants when published internally for your team, or externally. The next guides look at adding and managing Candidates.

Guide to adding Candidates