Messaging your team

Messaging your team

The messaging menu is available only to users with the user role of Administrator or System Administrator.

PeopleTray provides a fast way for Administrators and System Administrators to send text message to team members or groups. Sent messages are recorded and can be reviewed for auditing or verification purposes.

Messages are sent via SMS. SMS messages are received by most mobile phones . The SMS message application is installed by default, and cannot easily be disabled or removed. This differs from applications such as Facebook Messenger which, while popular, is not used by everyone. By using the SMS mechanism, it is more likely that all of the intended recipients will receive your message.

Sending a message

When signed in as an Administrator or System Administrator, on the Messages menu, click Send Message.

Enter your message into the SMS Text field.

Select a person, workgroup or work role to send a message to.

The workgroup and work role option work together to send the message to people that meet both requirements. For example if you select the Workgroup: Operations, then select Work Role: Welders, the message will be sent to team members that are Welders in the Operations workgroup.

Review status of sent messages

On the Messages menu, click Sent Messages. This allows you to view the SMS messages and emails that have been sent by PeopleTray, including their status.

An error alert is displayed for any SMS message that returned an error.

You can view the message or email by clicking the arrow on the right of the message row.

View message batch

You can view all of the messages and status for each message event (batch). You can open the batch by either:

  1. Click Batch Log on the Messages menu.
  2. Click Sent Messages on the Messages menu, then click View Batch on the left of each message row. This displays all of the messages sent in the same batch.

View Received Messages

A receiver of a message can reply. Messages from your team can be viewed by clicking Received Messages on the Messages Menu.