Manage Candidates

You can manage candidates by clicking the Manage Candidates buttons on the TalentTray home page, or by opening the Position, clicking the Candidates tab and clicking the Manage Candidates button on the candidate row of the table.

This image shows the Manage Candidates buttons on the TalentTray home page. Note that the Person names and Position names are quick links.

Open a position, then select the Candidates tab.

Note the filter options on this page allowing you to manage the list effectively if you have many candidates.

Selecting the Manage Candidate button on the left end of a Candidate row opens the Manage Candidate form to assess the candidate.

We will explain each item on the Manage Candidate form.

Rate the candidate

The three pick lists on the left allow you to rate the candidate for Qualifications, Skills and Experience.

Priority Candidate

Selecting the Priority Candidate checkbox causes the Candidate to be displayed on the TalentTray home page in the Priority Candidate panel, so that high priority candidates can be easily tracked. You can also filter to view the Priority candidates for a Position on the Candidates tab.

Hide Candidate

The Hide checkbox hides the candidate on the Candidates Tab. You can still view hidden candidates on the Candidates tab by selecting the Show Hidden checkbox. This can be used together with the other search and filter options to review hidden candidates for future role opportunities or to un-hide those candidates.


Set the Stage that candidate is at. The Stage to group and manage Candidates. The Candidates tab allows you to filter candidates based on Stage.

When you or another user adds a Candidate via the Add Internal Candidate or Add New Candidate options, the Stage is automatically set to Admin Invite. Applications that follow the PeopleTray application process are assigned Applied.


Add text notes to keep track of progress.


You can view the documents, such as resume and cover letter if they are available, by selecting the document icon, which will download the file. Check the lower left of your screen for the downloaded file for most browsers.

There are several important settings that are available on the above form as follows:


The Feedback Status is a simple way of:

  • Keeping track of what has been communicated to the applicant.
  • Sending pre-formatted email notices to applicants.

You may recall that when an applicant applies for an advertised position the PeopleTray application tools, an email is automatically sent to the applicant confirming receipt of their application.

Selecting a different value for the Feedback field automatically prompts you with the option of sending a pre-formatted email to the candidate as shown.

Email Templates

When the Feedback field is updated, a template Email message pops up, that can be modified, sent, or cancelled. Feedback settings that trigger the Email template popup include:

  • Delayed
  • Request to contact
  • Offer
  • Unsuccessful

The body of the email message can be modified prior to sending, and to have the option of sending the email by clicking Send, or cancel the email by clicking Cancel.

Well done on completing the TalentTray user guides.