Add team member

PeopleTray is designed to help manage teams. There are two ways to add your team members. For small to medium size teams they can be entered using the ‘Create Person’ function. For larger teams our support team is available to load your team members from a spreadsheet or other data file.

Create Person

Select ‘Create new …’ from the sidebar menu, select Person from the list.

In PeopleTray the username is a valid email work or team email (not a private address). Enter the email address of the new person into the form, then ‘Next’ to display the create person form.

Fill out the form. Grey shaded fields are mandatory. The Date Ceased will be left blank of the person unless they have ceased involvement with the business or team. Pick lists will be blank if you haven’t created valid entries in the Settings. See Guide to ‘Set up pick lists’. Note the check box at the bottom of the form: Invite to register. If this check box is selected, an email will be forwarded to the username email address inviting the person to register.

Selecting the Create Password link opens the create password form after which they may sign in to PeopleTray. As Reader, the newly registered person may:

  • Add their profile image and maintain their home and emergency contact details.
  • Change their password.
  • View internally advertised Role Opportunities.

Once the person is created, additional tabs are displayed.

Explore the new tabs.

Once a new profile has been created, it can be opened by an Editor of the person’s Workgroup, and by Administrators or System Administrators by:

  • Selecting from the ‘My Workgroup’ panel on your Home Page if the user is a member of the same workgroup.
  • Typing the person’s name into the Search People field in the left pane.
  • Using the People search function by selecting People on t

Congratulations. You have added a team member and explored the data entry tabs associated with the new person.

Next we will review User Roles and what each type can do.

Guide to searching for people