Create a job advertisement

To create a job or role advertisement you must first have created a position (See Create new Position).

The Advertisements tab associated with a Position allows you to create, view and publish job or role advertisements, including a history of advertisements and different versions.

Create an advertisement by selecting the Add Advertisement button at above and left of the grid.

The above form is presented in scrolling view.

Complete the fields on the form and click Save.

When the form is saved:

  1. The advertisement is published according to the selection of Internal and/or Public checkboxes at the top of the form.
  2. A link is created that allows you to link an advertisement in LinkedIn to PeopleTray to capture applicants. The link is displayed in the form that displays after saving the advertisement form – displayed below.

Click Ok to return to the Advertisements grid.

Once published, Advertisements remain published until the Internal and Publish checkboxes on the Create/Edit advertisements page are unchecked. There are no constraints on publishing or ceasing the publish status of advertisements.

It will also be include on the Published Advertisements panel of your TalentTray Home Page. This makes it easy to see which advertisements are published Internally and to Public.

If you reopen the form to edit a published Advertisement, a link to view the advertisement will be displayed at the top of the form as shown:

Explanation of each field on the form, working down from the top

1. View Advertisement Button: On the top right: This button is only displayed after the advertisement is saved the first time. It shows you how the Advertisement is displayed.

2. Internal and Public checkboxes.

a. Selecting the ‘Internal’ checkbox publishes the advertisement to your Internal Jobs board, where signed in member of your Account (including readers) view a link to internal Role Opportunities.
b. Selecting the ‘Public’ checkbox publishes the advertisement to the Public PeopleTray jobs board.

To cease advertising a Position, uncheck the Internal and/or Public checkboxes.
See the Guide on publishing advertisements for more information.

3. Job Title: Displayed in bold at the top of the Job summary within job listings, where it is selected to open the Full Advertisement.

4. Location: Location of the opportunity.

5. Job summary: Displayed on job listings pages.

6. Job Classification and Sub classification: These are important fields as they are a primary way of people searching for opportunities to narrow their search.

7. Employment Type: The type of employment, which job seekers may use to narrow their search.

8. Job details: The description of the position displayed on the full display of the Advertisement.

9. Salary range: Displayed on the advertisement only if the ‘Display in Searches’ checkbox is selected. It may also be used to narrow job searches.

10. Internal Ref Number: is included in job applications to help track the performance of different advertisements.

11. Contact Details: displays on the full Advertisement with the following format: Apply today or Contact “Contents of the field”
Hence, if the contents of the field is “John Talent – Phone 0011 123 123.” The text on the advertisement will be: Apply today or Contact John Talent – Phone 0011 123 123.

12. Contact Email 1 and 2: If you wish job applications to be automatically emailed to you, enter the address(es) in the Contact Email fields. A limit of two email addresses may be entered. If the email fields are left blank, applications will not be emailed. Regardless of whether email addresses are entered, all applications will be captured in the PeopleTray system.

13. External Application Link: If you wish to capture Job Applications in a site or application other than PeopleTray, enter the URL in this field starting with: http://
This will be the link associated with the “Apply for this opportunity” button on the Job Advertisement page.

14. URL Address of your advertisement: This is the URL address (web address) of this advertisement and is created when you save the advertisement the first time. You can copy it and paste into advertisements or linking fields that are provided when advertising the position using various services such as LinkedIn or Seek. This mechanism provides you with the opportunity to advertise the position using a variety of services, but capturing all applications centrally in PeopleTray.

15. Upload Logo: Upload a logo image.

Great! You have created a job advertisement. You are now able to publish and unpublish the advertisement at any time by opening the advertisement form and selecting or unselecting the publish checkboxes.

Guide to Published Advertisement