Why PeopleTray?

Manage your team, or a project

You can use PeopleTray as an organization, but you can also use it as a manager within an organization, or to manage a long or short term project.

Do everything in one place

Firstly, you have the four modules for managing Sales, your Team, Safety and Recruitment. It means that these essential items are managed within a single on-line tool, and you add your team members into one system.

Your team has access to a consistent tool for requesting approvals, reporting their activities and reporting safety incidents and issues.

PeopleTray handles your documents, actions and notifications in a consistent way across the modules.

With PeopleTray you can do all of those things in a single low cost tool, that works simply – using the Microsoft Cloud.

Build a talent pool

You can keep track of all of the people that apply for jobs, even if you decide not to hire them today. That means that when you need to hire, your first step is to look over your previous candidates before advertising and embarking on a campaign of new interviews.

Keep track of sales activity

With the CRMTray you can view the activities of any of your team members, including their opportunities. You can drill deeper and see the notes that each team member has added in any period of time. View the rate at which notes are being added to your system as an indicator of activity levels.

Activity reports

Many teams share information through regular activity reporting. Use a simple workflow to submit activity reports. Team members can highlight opportunities and risks as part of the report. Aggregate the reports into a .pdf team summary with a couple of clicks ready for sharing.

Create new workflows

A workflow is anything that goes through several steps before it is approved, rejected or closed. You can create new workflows and assign them to different workgroups and modules.

PeopleTray includes pre-configured workflows for activity reports, approval requests for purchases and travel, and reporting safety incidents and issues.

Manage your own tasks

Many people use Microsoft Outlook to manage their own tasks and actions by entering them into the Calendar, even though Outlook isn’t designed for that. In PeopleTray enter your tasks and reminders as Actions. They won’t get lost, and they stay in your list even after the date has passed. You can also review them to check what was done.

Manage a sports team, a club or community project

You don’t need to be in a business to use PeopleTray. People management tools are needed everywhere that people come together to achieve goals. Managing people well is essential for any team to be successful.


You can manage team members without asking them to register. They won’t be able to manage their own actions or workflow items, but you can still keep track of their documents, compliances, performance appraisals and keep notes on meetings and conversations you have with them. You can even assign and manage actions for your team members to keep track of important things you need done.

Keep your team safe

A team that manages safety feels more focused, confident and professional. PeopleTray provides the tools for your team members to register and manage safety incidents, issues and risks. The risk register allows you to be proactive in identifying and controlling the risks faced by your team.

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