Intro to User Roles and Modules

This guide is about PeopleTray User Roles.

PeopleTray provides information and management tools to team members with different levels of responsibility. Each person has a User Role, which determines which tools they have access to and which information they can see.

The person that registers a new PeopleTray Account, is automatically assigned the User Role of System Administrator. If you registered the Account you should assign at least one other person to the role of System Administrator.

When you invite team members to join your Account they are automatically assigned the User Role of Reader. Readers can see and modify information about themselves and can assign Actions to other members of their team.

Each person that you add to your Account is assigned to a Workgroup. If you have a small team you may assign everyone to a single Workgroup.

You can organise people into Workgroups. Workgroup Editors (User Role) can manage the members of their Workgroup – including adding Documents, record Communications, manage Performance Appraisals etc.

1. Readers

When your team members register in PeopleTray (by responding to your invitation), they become Readers. System Administrators can upgrade Readers to Editor and Administrator Roles.

Readers can:

  • View their Person Profile, update their emergency contact details and their image.
  • See the members of their Workgroup, including their contact details.
  • Edit and close actions that have been assigned to them.
  • Action Workflow steps that have been assigned to team.

Readers cannot:

  • View or modify documents associated with their Person Profile, and cannot view their Performance Appraisals.
  • Open the profiles of other members of their Workgroup, or view team information other than contact details.

2. Editors

  • View their own full profile and open the profiles of other members of Workgroups where they are assigned Editor role.
  • Add and manage Documents and Performance Appraisals for members of their team.
  • View and manage the Workflows assigned to their Team Members.
  • Add new team members to their Workgroup.

3. Administrators

Administrators have the User Role of Editor for all Workgroups and can:

  • View and add information to any person in any Workgroup.
  • View and manage the Workflows assigned to any Team Member.
  • Add new team members to any Workgroup.
  • Assign User Roles up to Administrator level.
  • Assign users to Modules.

4. System Administrators

System Administrators have similar rights as Administrators, but additionally have access to Settings, via the Settings button on the Menu Bar.

Assigning User Roles and Modules