Add team members

Workgroup Editors, Administrators and Systems Administrators may add new people to your account. Readers are not able to do so.

For larger teams the PeopleTray support service is available to load your team members from a file.

Add a team member

Select ‘Add New …’ from the sidebar menu, select Person from the list.

Enter the work email address (username) of the new person, then Next Step to display the New Person form.

Fill out the form. Grey shaded fields are mandatory. The Date Ceased will be left blank for the person unless they have ceased involvement with the business or team.

If you have just created your account, you can use the default pick list options, or you can update the pick lists in Settings.

You must check the Invite to Register checkbox at the bottom of the form if you wish to invite the team member to register and participate with PeopleTray. An invitation email with an activation link will be sent to them.

  • There is no cost for adding team members as Readers.
  • You can invite the person to Register later if you don’t wish to do so when adding them to the account.

Example email invite …

Clicking Click to create your password opens the Create Password form where the team member can enter a password then sign in to PeopleTray. As Reader, the newly registered person may:

  • Initiate any workflows displayed on their Menu Panel, including the default workflows:
    • Submit Activity Reports.
    • Register Safety Events.
    • Request approval for travel or purchases.
  • Update any Actions or Workflow tasks assigned to them.
  • View internally advertised Role Opportunities.

Readers can manage their profile including:

  • Add their profile image and maintain their home and emergency contact details.
  • Update their password.

After adding a team member you will see the members full profile, including the ability to add Documents, Actions, and Performance Appraisals.

Please explore the tabs of the new team member.

If the team members has not yet registered, (i.e. not responded to the invitation email to activate their account), the Invite to Register button is displayed near the top of their profile, so you can re-invite team members to register at any time. Note, you can manage many aspects of your team members without their having registered. However, for your team members to use PeopleTray they will need to register.

Reminder – Team Members that register are initially set to the User Role of Reader. There are no fees associated with Readers.

Once a new profile has been created, it can be opened by an Editor of the team member’s Workgroup, by Administrators and System Administrators:

  • On your Home Page, Click the person’s name on the My Workgroup panel.
  • On the Menu Panel, Type the person’s name into the Search People field.
  • On the Menu Bar, click People, then Search. Use the filters to find and open the profile of the team member.

Congratulations. You have added a team member and explored the data entry tabs associated with the new member.

New members are Readers unless they are assigned a higher User Role of Editor or Administrator. Let’s explore the experience of a Reader using PeopleTray.

Explore the Reader Experience