Add Documents and Notes

The ability to load documents and notes is a key feature of PeopleTray that allows managers to track a variety of information related to People and Positions.

The document management function is implemented consistently across PeopleTray, providing a familiar and intuitive management tool.

To add documents, open a Person Profile (or Position if you are using TalentTray). Then open the Documents Tab.

Note: You must have Editor or Administrator Roles to view or add Documents.

From the home page open a person by selecting a name on the My Workgroup panel, or by typing name into the Search People field on the Sidebar.

Select the Add Document button:

Note the ability to upload a document of any type, or add a URL to link to a document stored outside of PeopleTray.

If the Private checkbox on the Add Document form is selected, the document or note will be visible only to the User that added the item.

The most recently added or edited row is highlighted.

The features of the Documents function are:

  1. Notes may be added without the upload of a document, for easy tracking of communications or keeping of notes.
  2. Documents may be uploaded or a url link to an external document may be used.
  3. Select document icon on each row to download/open document.
  4. Select column headings to sort based on the data in the selected column.
  5. Edit and delete buttons are at the left of each row.
  6. The Search Filter, on the top right of the grid, searches all data in the grid making for easy location of documents or notes of interest.

View, edit permissions

  1. Readers do not have access to the Documents tab for any person including their own.
  2. Items may only be edited or deleted by the User that added the item, and by System Administrators.
  3. Entries that are created with the Private checkbox selected are visible and displayed only to the person that uploaded the Private document or note.
  4. The list of document types can be modified by System Administrators from the Settings menu.

Congratulations. You have explored adding documents.

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