Add Candidates

Candidates will be automatically added to your candidate list if they follow the PeopleTray application process. However, you may also wish to add candidates that have emailed their application to you directly, that have not applied for the position, or that have come from other sources.

Open TalentTray, then open a Position of interest. Click the Candidates tab.

The two arrows in the above image indicate the options for adding existing team members as candidates, or adding external people as candidates.

Click the Add Internal Candidate selector to add an existing team member as a candidate.

Note that when you add a candidate via the Add Internal Candidate or Add New Candidate options, the Stage for the candidate is set to Admin Invite. You can change the stage when you manage the candidate.

Click the Add New Candidate button to add a candidate that is not an existing team member.

Enter the email address of the candidate then click the Search button.

If the person has a profile in PeopleTray it will display their name. Otherwise enter the first and last name of the candidate. You may (optionally) attach Resume and Cover Letter documents and other information as text. Select the Add Candidate button after completing the form. The candidate will be displayed in the Candidates table.

That concludes the guide to adding Candidates. TalentTray also provides tools to assess and manage your candidates efficiently. The Manage Candidates guide will explain.

Guide to managing Candidates