Transforming Safety in Australia

We had a great year last year, working with a steady stream of new customers for PeopleTray, fine tuning the software, making it super easy to start using. This year the rate of new customers has accelerated. Feedback is incredible and certainly makes us feel our vision of delivering a full Microsoft Cloud solution for safety, checklists and workforce management is having a massive impact for our customers.

As a Cloud system the cost for customers is much lower than the legacy systems in the market, and implementation is done in days, not months. The thing that everyone loves is the integration of the mobile checklists with safety, people and equipment. The recent ability to add job cards to address non-conformances has taken it to the next step.

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There is no doubt we are changing the way our customers think about their business. The mobile checklists engage the workers in reporting issues that need to be fixed. They are happy to use their phones in this way, and it means everyone is more connected and more involved in reporting issues, not only to stay safe and compliant, but to ensure productivity is maintained – every day.

We have just implemented the ability for live backup of all your documents to your internal file store. This ticks the box for organisations that need to know their documents are available in the event of an internet outage of any kind.

In February we’ll have news about our new inventory management module. This is another step in helping businesses manage things that rely on worker engagement and have a big impact on the business performance.

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Tony Hampton
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