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Team Members are free. They can:

  • Submit Activity Reports and requests for Travel or Expenditure.
  • Manage their Actions.
  • Update their Emergency Contact details.
  • Maintain their own Sign-In credentials.

Administrators and Team Leaders: $35 per month.

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Managing your team

When you sign in to PeopleTray you land on your TeamTray home page. You can open any other module by selecting the module selector (see User Guides for more information on opening and using modules).

TeamTray is the place where all team members can:

  • Check and manage the actions and tasks assigned to them.
  • Request/approval of purchases, travel.
  • Report activities including opportunity and risk alerts.
  • View internal role opportunities – advertised from the TalentTray module.
  • Update their profile details.

Alerts and notifications

Users are advised of important items such as due and overview actions, and tasks. Clicking the alerts opens a list of items for easy review and management.

Users are notified of overdue items by email to ensure important things don’t slip through the cracks.

Team leaders

Everyone in your PeopleTray account is a member of a workgroup. TeamTray is where team leaders can manage their team members, including:

  • Maintaining important documents and compliances associated with their team members.
  • Reviewing the actions assigned to their team.
  • Reviewing and recording the performance of team members.
  • Recording important communications.

Team Tray home page

Keeping track of actions

Updating and closing actions

Team member profiles

Team dashboards

Role opportunities