Syncing and Trouble Shooting

Syncing your checklists to PeopleTray web

When Online, checklists are automatically synced to the PeopleTray web when the Done button is clicked.

When offline, checklists are saved to the device. They are synced when the user clicks the ‘Click to Sync’ button.

A successful sync will display these feedback messages during the sync.

: The Device is attempting to connect to the PeopleTray web application and sync the data.


: The device has successfully sent the captured data to the People web application.

After a successful sync, the Syncing/Synced messages and Click to Sync button will disappear.

: The device is offline and the device was not able to sync the data. The Syncing button above the message will change to: 


The Click to Sync button will continue to display until the Device successfully syncs any saved checklists to the PeopleTray web.

Sync Errors

Sync Messages do not display

If neither the Syncing (device is online), nor Sync Required (device is offline) messages display after clicking the Done button at the completion of a checklist, the device has failed to capture the checklist data and the user should contact their PeopleTray Administrator for assistance.


Sync Failed

If your device displays the message SYNC FAILED, check the device is online, then try again. If this message persists the device has developed a data error. Fixing the issue as follows will delete any data captured on the device. Hence, it is important to check devices are working correctly before using to capture checklists. To rectify:


Sign out of PeopleTray on the Admin screen. Open settings, navigate to App Management. Search for and Click PeopleTray. Click Storage Usage. You will see options to Clear Data and Clear Cache. Click Clear Data to clear both the Data and Cache. Sign back into the App and try again.

If this does not rectify the Syncing issue, delete the PeopleTray App. Go to Google Play Store and reinstall.

If this also fails to fix the issue, contact your PeopleTray administrator.


iOS does provide the option to delete App data. Log out of PeopleTray App. Delete the App. Go to the Apple App Store and reinstall.

If this fails to fix the syncing issue, contact your PeopleTray administrator.

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