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[title size=”1″]Welcome to our Suggested Mining Software sites[/title] [title size=”2″]Mining Patch[/title]

Mining Patch Associates is a team of Mining Software, IT and Recruitment consultants that apply modern tools and processes to achieve benefits and cost reductions for the industry. They are a new breed of consulting business that is lean, current and effective. Please contact Mining Patch for a free discuss your needs and explore how they can help you achieve your goals.

Mining Patch Associates [separator top=”20″ bottom=”20″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″]Mining Software[/title]

Mining is an independent site where people that are passionate about using software to drive mining performance can join discussions to share ideas, explore opportunities and gain support. They may also upload and view Mining product and mining software reviews and participate in surveys.

Mining Software [separator top=”20″ bottom=”20″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″]Surpac Software Training[/title]

Surpac Training resources and links can be found at this specialised Surpac training and resources site.

Surpac Training [separator top=”20″ bottom=”20″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″]uHoof Web Design and Marketing[/title]

uHoof is an innovative new web design and marketing consulting business that specialised in WordPress development. They are experts in their field and one of the cheapest web design and site management services teams around.

uHoof Web Design and Marketing [separator top=”20″ bottom=”20″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″]Whittle software consulting services[/title]

Our Whittle Software experts provide training and project services in mine design, mine planning and surface pit optimisation.

Whittle Software services [separator top=”20″ bottom=”20″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″]Travel Management software[/title]

Locomote is a modern new travel management platform for managing travel approvals, compliance and bookings. It helps business gain management control of the Travel activity, ensuring that travel is for a valid purpose, is properly approved and cost effective. It ensures the travelers are educated about risks and safety and ensures that duty of care standards are met.

Travel Management Software and Services [separator top=”20″ bottom=”20″ style=”none”]

Business process management for organisations where travel is a important business activity and where duty of care, efficiency and cost control are essential to the achievement of corporate goals.

Travel Management Software