SHEQTray Injury Management

PeopleTray enables you to efficiently manage injury reporting using SHEQTray Events.

Configurable Injury SubTypes, Australian Standard Safety Terminology and Custom Fields make SHEQTray a valuable tool for any business that needs to maintain a compliant safety system.

Injuries can be managed independently from a Safety Event and PeopleTray Action Management helps you keep on top of everything.

Recording Accident and Injury Reports

  • In SheTray > Submit New > Safety Event
  • Select Injury Event Type > Injury Subtype Selector will appear > Make selection
  • If the SubType has a Severity Level assigned¬† > Severity Selector will appear > Make selection
  • Complete the required fields on the Event Report > Submit Event
  • If your role is to manage the event > complete required information on Event Tabs

NOTE: If a Reader is submitting an Injury Report they will need to provide all details of injury and person injured in the description.

Injury Manager >

  • On the Injury Tab > Click Add Injury Details
  • Injury Details Modal will open > On Person Details Tab >
  • If the person injured is a Team Member > Select them from the list > the details on this tab will auto-populate from their Profile
  • You cannot Save until you have entered details on the Injury Tab
  • On the Injury Details Tab > Complete the required fields > Save
  • If multiple people were injured in the event you can add the details of the other injuries on the same tab

Viewing Injury Reports

  • In SHEQTray > On the Black Side Menu > Click on Injuries
  • All Injuries will be displayed in the grid
  • The grid can be filtered
  • Click on the Blue Event ID to Open the Safety Event > Injury Tab
  • If the Safety Event is Closed you can still access the Injuries Tab to Manage the Injuries
  • To edit the Injury Details > Click Edit Button to open Modal
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