Settings for CRMTray

When you create your account in PeopleTray, default settings are added to make it easy for you to get started and to make it easy for you to update the existing settings to your requirements.

Guide to accessing the Settings menu

As a System Administrator, you can update the CRMTray settings by clicking the Settings button on the Menu Bar, then click CRMTray and the item of interest. The following images show the settings options with default settings displayed. Most customers will wish to adjust the settings to their requirements.

Opportunity Stages

Company Types

You can use Company Types to organise your Companies according to the type of business relationship you have. For example: Customer, Prospect, Supplier, Partner.

Company Categories

Company Categories are an advanced concept. It allows you to associate types of companies with a workgroup. For example, you may have a workgroup that is involved in managing Contractors, called Contractor Management. You can set up a Company Category called Contractors, and associate it with the Contractor Management workgroup. When setting up company types you can add a Type called Contractor and associate it the Category of Contractor. Then, only people in the Contractor Management workgroup will be able to see companies of Contractor type.

No special settings are implemented for Company Category by default.


Industries allow you to organise your companies based on Industry. The industries General Industry and Government are the default options.

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