PeopleTray is an easy-to-use cloud system that manages your team, projects, contractors and customers in a single online system.

PeopleTray keeps your business safe and compliant. It captures live information from your team that is easily viewed, helping you identify issues and trends. Assign and manage actions to influence priorities and outcomes.

PeopleTray helps you achieve visibility of your people and operations, leading to accountability and performance.

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Popular features that will empower your team

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Maximise Sales
Keep your customers, leads and opportunities organised. View a forecast. Approve travel and capture checklists for customer visits and meetings.

Manage Projects
Manage projects as a workflow. Assign tasks and manage documents. Conduct project audits and inspections.

Safety and Compliance
Incident reporting and analysis. Manage risks and ensure your employees and contractors remain compliant for their roles.

contractorManage Contractors
Manage contacts, communications and documents. Manage contractor compliance. Conduct audits and track performance.

Equipment Register
Mobile capture of  equipment pre-starts and inspections. Manage service plan and priorities based on date cycle and usage entered from pre-starts.

Audits and Inspections
Configure audits, inspections and checklists for any purpose. Instantly deployed to mobile devices without using apps. Capture live into the management dashboard.

Manage Apprentices
Manage apprentices including training, host placements, safety and compliance. Paperless reviews and issues reporting. Developed in partnership with industry.

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David English – Minc Services WA

Minc Services WA is a provider of property maintenance and management services throughout WA. We have a wide range of customer portfolios including but not limited to commercial real estate, …

Travis Hocart – Assurance Group

I engaged Tony and the team from People Tray to help me build a simple, yet effective safety and contractor management tool for my broad and diverse client base. We …

Tony Cook – SMS Security

At SMS Security, managing our sales opportunities is an essential aspect of our business performance. I had almost given up trying to find a simple, user friendly but effective CRM …

Wilna Fourie – GMO Business Brokers

Thank you very much to you and the team at People Tray for the wonderful work you have done for us as business brokers to assist us in personalising the …

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About Us

PeopleTray is an Australian team that loves the idea of putting people at the centre of the management process and we are software people through and through.

We are driven by our belief that effective, inclusive management of people leads to increased sales, more successful projects and safer, more sustainable business.

PeopleTray is about empowering teams and managers through information, collaboration and accountability while providing everyone with insights into issues and opportunities for business improvement.

Our business culture is based on flexible working conditions and partnerships with domain experts that are looking to deliver innovation to their customers via a proven, cost-effective and people focused information strategy.