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TalentTray is a great way for busy managers to keep recruitment organised and efficient.

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Team Members are free. They can:

  • View and apply for Role Opportunities advertised internally from TalentTray.
  • Manage their Actions.
  • Update their Emergency Contact details.
  • Maintain their own Sign-In credentials.

Administrators and Team Leaders: $35 per month.

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Manage recruitment and your talent pool

For most team leaders and managers, recruitment is an ad hoc process. It happens sporadically and has to be slotted in alongside more urgent or pressing activities. PeopleTray keeps the recruitment activity organised and makes it more efficient:

  • It saves you time as you can search previous candidates and easily review previously gathered information.
  • It is quick and easy to assess each candidate. Priority candidates are displayed on your home page for easy access.
  • Candidates are captured directly from LinkedIn.
  • Advertise role opportunities to existing team members to ensure everyone has the opportunity to apply.
  • Review and reactivate previous advertisements.
  • Easily send responses to candidates to ensure all candidates are acknowledged and kept informed.

Add your recruitment service to TalentTray

By adding your recruitment service consultant to TalentTray, you can partner with your consultant in the assessment and management of candidates and retain all of your candidates in your system for future requirements.

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