Projects Module

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Create and manage projects using PeopleTray. View the project schedule, keep documents organised and assign important actions to participants with alerts for overdue items. View and manage your employee and contractor schedule.

  • Projects can be Internal or linked to a customer in CRMTray.
  • Custom fields can be added to Project details according to your requirements.
  • Search and view projects according to start/end dates and attributes.
  • Projects can be aligned with your process via workflows. Transition projects through phases, such as Planning, Review, Execution.
  • Search for the most suitable people to assign to each project based on their compliances, competencies, availability.
  • Safety Incidents and Checklists can be associated with projects, providing the ability to output safety and non-conformance reports for Projects and for Customers.
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Team Members are free. They can:

  • Submit Incident and Activity reports.
  • Manage Corrective Actions.
  • Update their Emergency Contact details.
  • Maintain their own Sign-In credentials.

Administrators and Team Leaders: $35 per month.

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