Projects Module Overview


PeopleTray uses its underlying documents, action and people management tools to help assist customers in keeping projects organised and assign people to projects in an efficient way.

  • Projects can be Internal or linked to a customer in CRMTray.
  • Custom fields can be added to Project details according to your requirements.
  • Search and view projects according to start/end dates and attributes.
  • Projects can be managed as workflows, which gives you the ability to have projects transition through different steps or phases, such as Planning < > Review > Execution > Close. Workflows can be aligned with your business process.
  • Search people and view the projects they are assigned to.
  • Search for the most suitable people to assign to each project based on their compliances, competencies, availability.
  • Safety Incidents and Checklists can be associated with projects, providing the ability to output safety and non-conformance reports for Projects and for Customers.

Images from the Projects Module

Image: Projects follow the PeopleTray workflow model. Documents, Actions and other information can be associated with projects.

Image: Projects schedule. Custom fields can be configured and added to filters.

Image: Person schedule.

Image: Search people and assign to project. Custom fields can be configured and added to filters.

Image: Checklists can be configured and used to audit or inspect projects. E.g. Site Safety Inspections. Checklists can be submitted online or offline.

Projects Module Guide