CRM Enhancements – Sept 2016

Since the June update, we have incrementally published several new product features including:

  • The addition of Leads to CRMTray to enhance the sales workflow from prospecting to opportunity and sale.
  • Maps for the display of customers and prospects.
  • Enhancements to role and compliance management, including a new Groups page to view teams and their compliance status.
  • A new mobile mode that makes it easy to view customer details, capture text and voice notes and submit reports while away from the desk or travelling.
  • A new field trip planning workflow.


Sales leads

The management of leads is ever more important as potential customers are increasingly sourced electronically, including from LinkedIn for B2B sales.

Leads display in the order of the next action date, making it easy to keep your best leads at the top of your daily task list.

Convert your leads to companies for more detailed management and inclusion in your sales forecast.


PeopleTray automatically assigns location data to companies during data import, and whenever the company is updated. You can also load data with latitude and longitude attributes for display together with your customers or suppliers.

When viewing a list of company data, click Map View to aid in travel planning and prospecting for new business.


Roles and role compliances

You can now set up roles and assign compliance documents to each role. Assigning a role (or multiple roles) to a person assigns their required compliances.
The Groups page displays groups of people based on flexible filters, including Role and Workgroup. Clicking the Compliance button displays the status of each person’s compliances within the filtered group.


PeopleTray’s new mobile mode makes it easy to capture leads and notes while visiting customers or travelling. Add and update leads and add notes to companies, contacts and opportunities. Submit reports and safety events from anywhere with a mobile friendly user interface.

Field Trip planning

Field trips are one of the most hazardous activities performed in business. This planning tool guides the trip leader through important aspects of their trip plan, and ensures the trip is available to administrators and safety people for monitoring and followup if required.