Plant and Equipment Management – Mar 2019

The April 2019 update includes new features for training courses and short positions (job/role placements). The ability to configure note types has been added to the CRM module. The update adds a new module, AssetTray, which includes new tools for asset and equipment management.


The ability to configure equipment checklists and view equipment issues is popular customers.

AssetTray includes new features for equipment management including:

  • Tracking of service requirements based on service events, time and usage. For example – service every 6 months or 10,000km.
  • Incrementing usage based on pre-starts submitted by equipment operators via the PeopleTray mobile App.
  • Manage equipment certificate and compliance documents, including expiry and renewal alerts.
  • Associate auxiliary items with parent equipment. Great for tracking generators, boosters and fire extinguishers attached to mobile units such as drilling rigs.