Project Gantt Charts – Mar 2017

Key Features

  1. Project scheduler – view your schedule of projects, switch to a team member/contractor view.
  2. Team members and contractors may self-manage their compliances.
  3. Deploy movies and slideshows via checklists – to keep team members and contractors informed and compliant.
  4. Multi-level checklist questions – enables more flexible mobile Take 5s and hazard reporting.
  5. Checklist reporting – Distribute to colleagues via .pdf or MS Word. View a non-conformance listing.
  1. Project scheduler

In addition to managing project details, documents and actions, you can now view your schedule of projects. Quick access to update project dates and next steps, and you can add and remove people from the project with ease.

Switch to a view of your team members and contractors to allocate people to projects based on their availability.

  1. Team members and contractors may now self-manage their compliances

Your people view the status of their compliance documents and receive email notices about upcoming expiries such as trade and drivers’ licenses, inductions, medicals and police clearances. Team members can upload their documents, and administrators then accept or reject those documents with email advice to the operator.

  1. Deploy movies and slideshows via checklists

A big focus on checklists has resulted in greater ease of building and maintaining checklists. We have also added the ability to embed movie and slideshow content in checklists, making it easy to ensure up-to-date safety and policy information is available to your team members and contractors via their mobile devices.

  1. Multi-level checklist questions

Multi-level questions provide increased flexibility in configuring Take 5’s and providing instructions to users based on their question responses.

  1. Checklist reporting

Service providers can output attractive checklist reports for things like Site safety inspections and audits, branded with your logo.

Non-conformance response lists make it easy to view and address issues identified by field operators in their submitted Prestart, Take 5 and Site Inspection checklists.