Actions Management – Jun 16

The June update of PeopleTray has been published. The major feature is the introduction of Repeating Actions where you can specify a time period over which important actions are repeated. Actions can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Actions management ensures that important tasks are completed. The ability to ‘repeat’ actions means that regular tasks are easy to manage. They can be used to prompt a regular customer service call, or as a reminder to meet with team members during periods when extra support or training is required.

Repeat actions also help ensure that business-critical tasks are completed, such as period based billing, review of supply or customer contracts, or conducting of safety inspections. Repeat actions can be assigned to risks on your risk register to ensure that controls are persistent and effective.

To add a repeat action, simply add an action and click the new ‘Repeat’ button to add a daily, weekly or monthly timeframe for repeating the action. New actions will automatically be created and displayed in each user’s task alerts as they become due.

Repeat actions are implemented in all of the areas where actions are available, including for Customers and Opportunities in CRMTray, on Workflows, Risk Register, and for team members and contractors.

Repeat actions are simply an extension of the actions management framework. They are displayed in the action alert-boxes on each user’s homepage, and in the actions list page from the ‘My Tasks’ menu button, as in the image below:

Action listing page 1