Checklist and OHS Enhancements – Aug 2017


The August 2017 update focuses on strengthening the Checklist tools for capturing information from mobile and operational team members, along with improvements to safety incident reporting and the safety dashboard. Custom fields have been extended to provide even greater flexibility in capturing customer, team and project information. Highlights include:

  1. Image capture for checklists where images flow through to the checklist register and non-conformance list view.
  2. Instant dashboards for all checklists including equipment inspections and pre-starts, site inspections, take 5’s.
  3. Dynamic filtering of checklist dashboards.
  4. Custom fields available for Employee, Customer, Projects details and Checklist headers, including easy addition to search filters.
  5. Ability to configure custom pages for Team Members, Projects and Customer organisations.
  6. Additional options for incident reporting including participants, equipment damage and image gallery.
  7. New dashboard and reporting options available for the safety module.


Image capture

Images can now be captured for each checklist question providing supervisors and managers with deeper insight for each non-conformance or failed question. Images automatically flow through to the management console for richer information and better decision making.

Checklist console with dashboard

A major feature of PeopleTray’s checklist and audit tools is the checklist management console. In this update, we extended the console so that non-conforming question responses are separated into a list where issues can be quickly assessed.

We also added an instant dashboard analysis for each checklist type showing:

  • The rate at which checklists are submitted over 12 months.
  • The percent trendline of checklists that include non-conformances or failed items over time.
  • The rate at which each checklist questions returns a failed response.

Live filtering of checklist data

Any combination of filters can be used to drill down to the data of interest. The non-conformance list and the dashboards update dynamically based on filters, including custom fields. For example, for equipment pre-starts – drill into the dashboard by:

  • Equipment type
  • Equipment item
  • Operator
  • Project
  • Date range
  • Any custom field value

Custom fields and pages

You now have greater flexibility in adding data to companies, team members and projects by adding custom drop down lists, text boxes and dates. A single click adds your custom field to the filter panel.

Custom fields can be added to the details page or used to construct a custom page of additional information for the selected entity.

Safety incident reporting
and dashboard

Incident reporting now includes options to record participants, equipment damage and includes a new image gallery page with contextual information.

The safety dashboard has been extended to include charts for instant review of incident frequency, lost time injuries and equipment damage.