SHETray, OHS Enhancments – April 16

We are pleased to announce the April 16 update for PeopleTray is live. This update includes significant enhancements to Actions management and some great new tools in the Risk Register to help your team ensure that safety and business risks are controlled and managed.

Actions management

Actions now display the image of the person that assigned the action to you. If viewing the actions you have assigned, the assignee image is displayed.

Your actions list includes a new navigation bar to make it easy to view the actions assigned to yourself and a single click to view the actions you have assigned to others. This is a great tool for team leaders and supervisors that need to keep track of important actions across their team.

Safety Health and Environment

The update includes significant enhancements to the Safety, Health and Environment module – SHETray.

Actions can now be added to each risk on the risk register so that important follow-up tasks and reviews are managed. Assignee’s are notified by email when actions are assigned and if they become overdue. The actions are also included in each person’s homepage alerts.

Controls can be added to each risk to ensure risks are managed, including rating each control for its level of implementation and effectiveness. Each control records the last review date and review period.

SHETray actions

Actions display person profiles and include a new navigation bar for easy review of actions.


Risks now include the ability to manage controls.

Risks now include the ability to manage controls.


Risk controls

Controls include rating for implementation status and effectiveness.