Rosters, Travel, Rooms – Nov 2019

Rosters, Travel and Rooms Management

PeopleTray has introduced rosters, travel and rooms management to support businesses where teams work on a rotational basis, in projects or at mine sites. Features include:

  • Configure your own Shift Types, including settings for flight and accommodation requirements, working (exposure) hours.
  • Associate Plant and Assets with shift types.
  • Keep track of Base Roster and Roster Changes in a single screen.
  • Single click to add Roster changes, Room changes.
  • Status page to view unmet flight and room requirements.
  • Set person travel details on single page (e.g. Home/Site port, Room requirement, Roster periods).
  • Manage multiple sites in a single system, with site based user permissions management.
  • Roster, flight and room schedule automatically displayed on the PeopleTray mobile App, so team members are always up to date.
  • SMS Messaging, group based to make it easy to support team members during travel.