3. Workflow Process and Type

There are two key components of a workflow setup – Workflow Process and Workflow Type:

Workflow Process

  1. Workflow Class: The first page of the workflow, displayed when a workflow is initiated. The user enters the required information into the page then submits the page, after which the workflow advances to the 1st step of the process. View Workflow Classes guide >
  2. Workflow Steps: These are the steps the workflow transitions through according to the decisions of the participants in each step.
  3. Transitions: These are the buttons displayed at each step for transitioning the workflow to a different step of the workflow.
  4. Tabs: Workflows display tabs at each step of the workflow for capturing information. For example, you may choose to display tabs for adding comments, documents or actions at specific steps of the workflow.

Workflow Type

Once the process that the workflow will follow is configured, a workflow Type is configured which determines:

  • The name of the workflow initiation button on the menu.
  • The name of the button used by team leaders to display the submitted workflows.
  • The module in which the button for listing of submitted workflows will display. FOr example, a safety incident report may be initiated by operations people, but only users of the SHETray module may view and manage the submitted incident reports.
  • The name of the Workflow process to use.
  • Which workgroups will see the button for initiating the workflow.

Next we look at how to configure a workflow process.

Guide to Configuring a workflow process