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Popular features that will empower your team

Team management software to help you gain the best from your team. 
PeopleTray is fully supported and is a safe and reliable Australian online software solution.

Documents and compliance

PeopleTray empowers managers and team leaders by helping manage documents, compliances and recording communications with their team members. This leads to credibility and consistency, while also helping new managers take over a team efficiently.

Review team members

Reviewing team members helps ensure that performance is recognised and that issues and opportunities are identified and managed. PeopleTray notifies you of upcoming reviews and allows you to quickly access recent reviews to aid in consistency and credibility in the review process.

Assign actions


Assign important actions to team members and track them to ensure they are completed. Email reminders and InTray’s help everyone keep track.

piggy1Purchase approvals ………..

PeopleTray provides a simple system for team members to seek approval for purchases and for team leaders and managers to control expenditure.

air6Travel requests ………

Travel is sometimes essential but is also a significant cost and a risk. Many companies encourage team members to consider alternatives such as remote meetings. PeopleTray provides an easy travel request and approval system to ensure that travel is effective and waste minimised.

construction3Safety management ………

PeopleTray’s hazard and incident management tools help you keep everyone safe. Investigations and causes are recorded, and corrective actions are managed.

users6Recruitment …………………..

Keep the recruitment process organised. Identify priority candidates and keep a history of applicants that is organised and that can be used for future requirements. Efficient messaging to candidates ensures all applicants are treated fairly and courteously.

worker5Activity reporting ……….

Many businesses ask team members to submit weekly or monthly activity reports. PeopleTray makes it easy for the team to submit reports, and for supervisors to review them and respond to successes and issues raised.

circular138Easy, flexible workflows …….

PeopleTray has an intuitive, flexible workflow system that allows requests, approvals and reports to be handled efficiently, with the right people approving travel, expenditure and following up on issues raised by team members during their work.