PeopleTray Rolls into Mining

PeopleTray has rolled into mining as a new leader in modern Cloud systems for Safety, Compliance, FIFO and general rostering, Equipment and Contractor Management.

The PeopleTray vision is a modern Cloud solution that provides cheaper productivity tools to miners that would radically improve their ability to manage and perform. We had four main goals:

  • Low cost!
  • Easy to Deploy – days, not weeks or months.
  • Easy to use
  • Weekly updates to the software
    – so we can respond quickly to customer ideas and requests.

It includes:

  • Android and iOS mobile data capture, with Offline capability
  • People and Contracted Workers – Keeps everyone compliant.
  • Plant and Equipment Pre-starts and Maintenance Management
  • Multi location Inventory management
  • Safety and Health, Hazards – Risks – Reporting
  • Contractor and Customer management
  • Rosters, Travel and Accommodation
  • Configurable workflows throughout
  • Elegant, Easy to Use
  • Microsoft Azure for leading security and data protection

Everything benefits from three supporting functions:

  • Configurable checklists that feed data into the system from Android and iOS Mobile, integrated with the key data entities – People, Equipment, Customers and Contractors.
  • Job Cards associated with checklists, equipment and grouped around the modules to help supervisors manage the operational tasks.
  • Email alerts and batch SMS messages for instant, auditable communication with workers.

What our customers are saying:

“I have used a lot of the older systems. This is the best system in the market and the lowest cost. I am still getting used to the way everything is integrated. Everyone loves it.”

 “We could not have survived the Covid challenge without PeopleTray. Capturing the required data daily was a god send. Getting everyone requalified to go to site was super-efficient.”

“With a single click we can see gaps across out entire fleet of equipment for pre-starts.”

“Each morning I can see the issues and faults coming in from our worker’s checklists. It takes are few minutes to assess the issues assign a job card to ensure each is addressed. But the unexpected benefit is our operators use a checklist to tell supervisors of any slow downs or problems with production. It seems like there is a higher level of trust and engagement between our operators and administrators and that has boosted our performance.”

Mobile Checklists and Job Cards

Drilling and Logging Dashboard

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