Checklist App

PeopleTray’s unified mobile App is a game changer for mining and contracting organisations. Workers submit hazards and incidents, view their procedure documents, update actions and view their roster calendar …

PeopleTray Rolls into Mining

PeopleTray provides workforce management, equipment pre-starts, inspections, safety management and rosters in a single, integrated mobile and Cloud system.

Transforming Safety in Australia

The integration of Checklists with safety, equipment, contractors and customers greatly improves efficiency. It ensures the business is safe, workers are productive, and helps differentiate from competitors.

Explorers and Small Miners

Mobile checklists for drilling inspections, vehicle pre-starts, journeys. Safety and hazards. Drilling/Logging Dashboard. Rosters, Task management.

PeopleTray – A better approach to Checklists

With PeopleTray, checklists drive continuous improvement in safety, efficiency, and productivity. They also build higher levels of engagement between workers that send checklists as a way of communicating equipment issues or production challenges requiring support. Read how PeopleTray makes it easier for administrators to view maintenance and support requirements that arise from checklists.

InFlight vs PeopleTray

PeopleTray uses the latest Cloud and Web tools to modernise Travel and Accommodation management, making the process faster and easier for travel administrators. Read how ..

Drilling and Logging Dashboard

Our Drilling and Logging dashboard helps core shed managers, geologists and drilling managers align priorities, manage tasks and view the status drilling and logging tasks in a shared, configurable dashboard. …