Opportunities are the sales or business opportunities that have been identified by your team. Typically, they have a financial value, a timeframe to close and a likelihood, or percentage chance of closing.

Opportunities are associated with a business account, or company. You can add an opportunity by opening a company, clicking the Opportunities tab, and clicking Add Opportunity.

Alternatively, use the Add New … button on the Menu Panel.

Enter the opportunity details. All of the fields are required except for Description and Contact, so that all opportunities are reliably included in sales forecasts.

Opportunities are included in forecasts based on the close date. Hence, you may exclude an opportunity from a current forecast by setting a future date.

Once you click the Save Changes button, the opportunity is created and the tabs for entering information and managing the opportunity are displayed.

Review your opportunities by selecting the Opportunities button on the Menu Panel.

Your opportunities are summarised on the CRM home page, and a dashboard of your opportunities is available.

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