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PeopleTray Acquires MPX Software

Mine Production Reporting Software

Perth based mining and contractor management software company, PeopleTray, has acquired the MPX Software business from Nutava Software.

MPX Software is a leader in mine production reporting with a reputation as a leader in PLOD and shift data and production reporting which meets the needs of both the engineering and geology teams.

PeopleTray is an innovator in Cloud based workforce management solutions for mining and contracting, and a leader in Roster, Travel and Accommodation management systems for FIFO operations.

According to PeopleTray, the acquisition of MPX expands its portfolio of technology solutions and boosts its research and development capabilities focused on mining and contractor management. It added that the MPX technology is a unique solution to one of the biggest challenges facing mining organisations – that of reliable production reporting and consistency in meeting production goals.

Tony Hampton, CEO of PeopleTray, said: “Many mining operations are still struggling to report reliable production figures to senior management. Many rely on a network of excel spreadsheets and systems that include arbitrary adjustments that lead to conflicting information and lack of trust in the mines production reporting. Like any business, volatile production reporting makes it difficult to plan operations and set budgets with confidence. It also impacts the morale and commitment of the management team.”

Mr Hampton said: “MPX is an affordable, easy to implement system to consolidate production shift reports, providing a trusted, single source of production truth for mining operations of any type and size.”

MPX was originally developed by Cube Consulting in response to a clear gap in the available tools to capture and report production with the reliability and auditability that is needed to meet shareholder and governance expectations. Jarrad Powell’s Nutava team took over the MPX product in 2018, and developed the product further over a three year period, extending the model to cover a broader range of tools for mining operations of different types. Nutava also engaged industry veteran Greg Robinson who extended the base of customers across Australia and overseas to South East Asia and Africa.

“It’s an exciting step to welcome the MPX team, to help advance PeopleTray’s progression toward a full suite of integrated applications that address the biggest challenges facing mining and contracting organisations today. We’re continually exploring ways to help our industry solve workflow challenges, improve operational efficiency, and deliver greater value to shareholders”.

“This acquisition reflects PeopleTray’s commitment to growth through Research and Development and acquisition of leading technologies to make a positive contribution to the industries we serve.”

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