Mine Rosters – Flight and Camp Planning

As more mine sites implement PeopleTray for mine Roster, Flight and Accommodation management, we turned our attention to looking ahead. Making it easy to see the future demand for flights and accommodation to make it easy to plan construction and maintenance work based on flight and room availability.

The result is new planning tools, that provide a reliable information on the availability of travel and accommodation resources to help managers prioritise and coordinate future site works. This ensures more confidence in the plan, and efficiencies. An accurate site workforce plan creates opportunities to adjust flight requirements with airline and accommodation providers, with potential cost savings

In solving the problem, PeopleTray considers that the current operational plan, including employee and contractor visits, together with a forward ‘virtual’ schedule based on project planning.

PeopleTray provides an integrated view of the operating roster, together with the planned forward construction and maintenance plan. This provides an accurate, detailed view of the future need for flights and accommodation across multiple mine sites and camps. Switch the Site and Camp to explore availability anywhere in the business.

The tight integration of planning data with the operating rosters provides an accurate real time view of future demand, impacting managers, contractors and travel providers.

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