Managing your devices

The PeopleTray App makes it easier to capture data from people working in the field. Using the App, workers can enter checklists and register safety events. It includes a calendar where workers can view their roster, flight and room bookings.

For convenience, the PeopleTray App is provided for both Android and iOS devices.

PeopleTray makes every effort to support as many devices and as many variants of iOS and Android as possible. However, it does guarantee to support all devices and operating systems and it may take time for PeopleTray to adapt its App to work with newly released devices, premium or less common devices and operating system updates.

Mobile devices and business Apps provide significant business efficiencies. Developing strategies for managing Mobile Devices and the Apps and software is essential for businesses to gain the full benefits. It is the responsibility of the PeopleTray customer to establish effective policies and procedures for managing their mobile devices.

For example:

  • Develop policies for the use of Mobile Devices in your business.
  • Develop a centre of expertise in mobile device use, management, and support in your business.
  • Test devices and actively select devices that are cleared for use by your organisation.
  • Maintain a register of approved devices and the devices that are used by your people.
  • Train workers in using their devices effectively, including which Apps may be installed.
  • Establish procedures for ensuring your business software and Apps are working effectively on your approved mobile devices.
  • Establish a procedure for workers to obtain assistance and support for mobile devices when required.

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