Managing SHEQTray Safety Events

Who Can Manage a Safety Event?

SHEQTray is fully configurable to enable the correct people to manage Safety Events.

  • System Administrators can access and manage all Safety Events
  • Administrators assigned to SHEQTray can access and manage all Safety Events
  • System Administrators and Administrators are not notified when a Safety Event is submitted or transitioned
  • Workgroup Editors – usually Supervisors – can access and manage only Safety Events submitted by Team Members from the Workgroups they supervise
  • Workgroup Editors are notified by email when a Safety Event is submitted or transitioned
  • Readers do not manage Safety Events and are not notified when a Safety Event is submitted or transitioned
  • Readers can review the progress of the reports they have submitted but not open the report from My Tasks on the Blue Menu
  • Workflow Roles can be implemented to allow further involvement in Safety Events
  • A person assigned a Workflow Role will be notified when an event is submitted or transitioned depending of the Event Transition or the Event Severity
  • The Team Member who is selected as the person ‘Reported To’ will be notified when an event is submitted

Viewing Safety Events

  • Safety Events are viewed in SHEQTray
  • Recent Events are displayed on the Home Page
  • Click on View all Workflow Button above the Recent Events Grid to view all Safety Events
  • View all Safety Events > Click on Safety Events on the Black Side Menu
  • Click on the Blue Reference ID to Open a Safety Event Report

Managing Safety Events

  • Depending on your role in Safety Management and how the SHEQTray Events have been configured will dictate what tabs you see and need to update.
  • Typically the first step will be to Assess the Event
  • Review and record information on all tabs available to you
  • Once the Assessment is complete you may transition the Event to the next step > Click the green button – Forward to Event Manager
  • If more information is required you may send the report back to the initiator > Click the green button – Return to Initiator



The Transitions are configured to suit your business and may have different names on the green buttons.

We recommend engaging a PeopleTray Consultant to assist with your initial configuration.

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