Set up Library folders

Before using the Document library you may wish to set up folders to help keep your documents organised.

It is important to plan your folder structure before starting to load documents:

It is easy to rename folders at any time. However, to modify the structure once you have added documents to folders, you need to download those files, modify the folder structure, then upload the files to the new folders. If a large number of files have been loaded, PeopleTray services are available to assist.

Creating your folder structure

System Administrators may create or modify the folder structure. The default structure is five folders, one for each module. For example, when you open the TeamTray module, the root TeamTray folder and any subfolders within it are available to the user. This allows you to control who has access to different documents based on their module permissions. It is also a logical way to keep documents organised at the module level.

If you would like to keep all of your documents under a single folder, simply choose which module which would be most suitable and build your folder structure under that module.

To set up your library folders, open Settings, then Document Settings and Document Library.

To add subfolders, rename or delete folders, right-click on the relevant folder to display the folder management menu.

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