Journey Management – October 2020

One of the riskiest activities for businesses with people and equipment in different locations is people travelling – journeys. Weather conditions together with accidents, breakdowns and loss of communications are the main risks, but others include getting lost or delayed and running out of provisions. Health and accidents not related to the journey add further risk.

Preparing for journeys with appropriate supplies and communications is vital. It is also essential that a journey plan (Checkpoints with arrival dates and times) is added to PeopleTray. The safety and management teams will want to be notified by SMS and Email if a person fails to arrive at a Checkpoint on time. An emergency response may be required, and family, clients and authorities may need to be notified.

PeopleTray now includes comprehensive Journey Management. Upcoming journeys can be configured in the Web or in the PeopleTray Mobile App on Android and iOS devices.

Travellers click each checkpoint as they arrive, instantly updating PeopleTray web. If offline during the journey, checkpoint updates are saved on the mobile device, and synced to Web when the device is online.

According to the notification and escalation settings, when a traveller is late to a Checklist, SMS and Email alerts are sent.

As with all PeopleTray functionality Journey Management is fully integrated with the PeopleTray Workforce, Safety and Asset and Mobile App ecosystem.