Introduction to CRMTray

CRMTray is the customer relationship management module of PeopleTray.

Guide to opening modules

Managing companies and contacts

Add and manage companies, contacts, documents, notes and actions. CRMTray includes:

  • Easy adding of notes, actions and documents.
  • Documents are stored in CRMTray, or may be linked via a URL.
  • Great tools for searching and filtering data to quickly find the information you need.


Keep track of the opportunities managed by each team member and for the business including size, close date and likelihood. View a summary forecast for the next few months, and the history of sales closed.

Associate documents and notes with opportunities, and assign and track actions to ensure that all opportunities are followed up and sales are optimised.

The following images show the general navigation features of CRMTray.

The Menu Panel provides quick links to open companies and contacts, to add new items and to open a list of items with filters to locate the item of interest.

A range of buttons are available to navigate from within a Company Profile, Contact or Opportunity. Most pages include a link at the top to open the company that is associated with the current open item.

Navigation features around lists of items makes it easy to open the item of interest and to navigate between profiles and lists.

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