Introduction to AssetTray

The PeopleTray AssetTray module is used to manage your Vehicles, Plant, Equipment and Assets efficiently.

In AssetTray you will be able to manage the Compliance Documents related to your Assets.

Using  AssetTray will help you keep track of  Plant and Equipment Services and Maintenance in one place.

Configurable Checklists are used to record and report Prestarts and Inspections

When you create a new account with PeopleTray the AssetTray module is ready to go with default settings suitable for SME Safety Management.

Configuring AssetTray to suit your business needs is managed by System Administrators only.

We recommend engaging a PeopleTray Consultant to assist with your initial configuration.

Who can access AssetTray?

  • System Administrators and Administrators can access any module of PT
  • Readers and Workplace Editors must be given access to view AssetTray if required
  • Only Team Members who are part of your Asset Management Team should have access to AssetTray
  • All Team Members can submit a Equipment or Vehicle Prestart from any Module

How to open AssetTray

  • Sign in to PT using Google Chrome
  • Click on the ‘Module Selector’ icon on the Blue Menu Bar
  • Select AssetTray

How to make AssetTray your default Homepage

  • Sign in to PT using Google Chrome
  • Click on the ‘Preferences’ Icon on the Blue Menu Bar
  • Select Start In: AssetTray
  • Next time you sign in PT will open in AssetTray
AssetTray Guide