Injuries management

PeopleTray manages the injury/incident reporting process by recording details and risk ratingĀ and categorizing the injury and causes. The investigation and other documents are stored with the event report and corrective actions are assigned and managed. The event report follows a workflow that is configured to your requirements; either simple or more flexible according to your needs.

The following shows the injury details recorded as part of the incident reporting workflow.

As you can see on the above form, multiple injuries can be recorded on an incident report.

Click the Add Injury Details button to add details of an injured person:

Click the Injury Details tab (left side of the form) to enter the details of the injury.

Click Save to save details and close the form.

View the history of Injured Persons

Users of SheTray can view the history of injured persons via:

SHETray Module > Left Menu Panel > Injuries

Guide to setting up SHETray
SHETray guide