InFlight vs PeopleTray

PeopleTray and InFlight are both focused on Rosters, Travel and Accommodation management for mining. InFlight began development in the early 2000’s working to solve the logistics challenges of some of the industries largest and most complex mining operations.

PeopleTray began development more recently as an integrated Microsoft Cloud application, making it cheaper and faster to deploy. It uses the latest user interface concepts making it easier and more efficient to use. As a high performance web application, it provides Travel Administrators more flexibility, with multiple administrators working together from different locations.

The design of PeopleTray is based on the experience of the PeopleTray team administering mine sites with a wide range of available tools. With the advent of Cloud, and a modern, integrated design concept, PeopleTray became a new leader in mine site administration.

With PeopleTray the Travel tools are part of an integrated model where travel, safety and training all use the same register of People, SMS notifications and Mobile App. This has important benefits for travel administrators and workers:

  1. Workers use a single iOS or Android App for viewing their roster, submitting online inductions, travel checklists, equipment pre-starts and safety events.
  2. Administrators can instantly communicate with workers using SMS messages, including templates and batch messaging to workgroups.
  3. The training and compliance status of workers is always up to date and can be viewed by Travel Administrators while approving travel.
  4. Administrators can automatically lock out non compliance people, with override.
  5. The compliance of Travel Group members is easily visible to Travel administrators.
  6. The status of people checking in to site is available to Site administrators.
  7. Rosters provide exposure hours and days on site for injured persons to the safety team, providing statistics that help keep the workforce safe.
  8. Travel Administrators can configure and deploy travel checklists, such as pre travel Covid checks, site entry and exit checklists.
  9. Travel Administrators can implement Journey management for vehicle travel, integrated with the PeopleTray App.
  10. Changes by Travel administrators and HR are live, making a single source of truth for all users of the safety, training and travel system.
  11. For larger companies, API’s can be implemented for ERP and HR systems to maintain the single source of truth concept.
  12. The Recruitment module of PeopleTray provides an efficient way of onboarding people with the required role based documents, integrated with HR and Travel Administration, greatly improving the efficiency of recruitment, onboarding, induction and travel approval.

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