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InFlight vs PeopleTray

InFlight and PeopleTray are products for managing mining Rosters, Flights and site-based Accommodation. They include a variety of tools, but at the heart of the process is helping site administrators allocate flights and rooms. Bookings are driven by FIFO roster management, maintenance projects and casual visitor requirements. The goals are better tools for travel administrators, better visibility of rosters and bookings for managers and a positive experience for employees and contractors.

Software products like PeopleTray and InFlight assist mining organisations in rostering people to and from site using the available rooms and flights. They are essential to ensuring flight and accommodation resources are used optimally, and that the right people are on site when required.

PeopleTray follows a Microsoft Cloud based approach to Rostering, with crew planning and forecasting at the heart of the rostering and travel management process. The advantages are significant, with PeopleTray being selected by mining and contracting organisations that range from early stage operations to more complex projects involved in intensive exploration and construction.

Cost Advantage

As a Microsoft Cloud solution, a new PeopleTray instance is up and running within minutes. Administrators simply add their shift types and rosters. Load people and rooms from a spreadsheet, then click a button to build their flight and room bookings. Workers view their roster on the Roster mobile app on their Android and iOS devices. The same App that captures their equipment pre-starts, Covid checks and provides their procedure documents on mobile.

PeopleTray is licensed on a subscription basis, and is competitively priced.

PeopleTray Mine Management

PeopleTray FIFO Rostering is part of an integrated rostering, safety, compliance and checklist management solution. It has a central register of people so travel administrators, safety and training and HR managers are all working with a trusted record of workers and contractors. It includes SMS communication and captures mobile checklists such as equipment pre-starts, Covid checks, site inductions and Drug and Alcohol checks together into the same system.

Mine managers have a clear view of their workforce, safety issues, compliance and visibility of which people and maintenance crews are scheduled to be on site, in a signal easy-to-use system. Personalised dashboards can be configured that span all the relevant data to provide managers with an overview of the information that is important to them without the need for third party reporting tools such as Power BI.

Crew Planning

PeopleTray’s crew planning tools ensure that Facilities, Plant and Equipment are crewed correctly for every shift, every day. Over or under manning creates significant costs and production challenges. A correctly crewed site, is more efficient, and more profitable with all plant and equipment optimally crewed at all times.

Benefits for FIFO Roster Managers

PeopleTray includes a range of innovative features to provide FIFO roster managers greater visibility and control over travel and accommodation. It is easy to make changes, and the available accommodation and flights are better optimised. Some of the special features in PeopleTray are:

  1. As a Microsoft Cloud solution, mining administrators can work from site, a city or home office, enhancing workplace flexibility. All changes are logged, and on-screen notes provide a simple method of communication between administrators in different locations.
  2. Using innovative UI concepts, PeopleTray provides a rich experience for roster managers including low click roster changes, an elegant view of unmet Flight and Room requirements, and a single page for managing a person, with analysis to ensure each person is properly booked for their travel and rooms.
  3. Mining camp management is a special challenge for most mine sites. PeopleTray’s 60 day view includes a view of shift types across the room bookings, with roll over tips to see group and person details for each booking.
  4. Priorities can be assigned to rosters and maintenance crews to help administrators get the right people to site when required.
  5. PeopleTray includes a configurable travel approval workflow for individuals and maintenance crews with custom fields to meet special requirements for FIFO rosters.
  6. Travel administrators can see the compliance status of each worker throughout the travel request and booking process.
  7. Crew planning is integrated with Rosters so administrators can check that plant and equipment is correctly crewed looking forwards based on the roster and roster adjustments.
  8. Integrated site Kiosk for workers to check in and out, ensuring a clear record of people at site, no shows and overstayers.

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Images of PeopleTray

Rich view of Person Travel and Room details

View and Edit Roster Changes. View booked Rooms and Flights.

On screen editing of Roster changes

Shift Type view of Room Bookings

Unified Mobile App – iOS and Android, including Offline

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