iAuditor vs PeopleTray

Both PeopleTray and iAuditor provide configurable checklists (mobile web forms) for capturing information from employees and contractors. While PeopleTray is considered easier and lower cost than iAuditor, its strength is in its reporting capabilities. PeopleTray links checklists with People, Equipment, Projects and Safety reports. The ability of PeopleTray to configure categories in the checklist header provides additional filtering options and analysis to provide insights based on the incoming checklists and reports.

PeopleTray sorts failed and non-conforming responses into a list so that supervisors scan directly to the items of interest, assigning corrective actions to each checklist to ensure alerts and issues are identified and managed.

PeopleTray provides a dashboard out-of-the-box for each checklist type including:

  • The rate at which checklists are submitted
  • The ratio of non-conforming responses (e.g. vehicle faults or safety issues) over time
  • The number of non-conforming responses per time period

Users can dynamically filter checklists and responses by workgroup, project, any custom category to provide instant comparison of performance and alert items across the business.

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