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Team Members are free. They can:

  • Submit Incident and Activity reports.
  • Manage their Actions.
  • Update their Emergency Contact details.
  • Maintain their own Sign-In credentials.

Administrators and Team Leaders: $35 per month.

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More information on the SHETray module of PeopleTray

The SHETray module of PeopleTray provides the health and safety software tools to manage the processes of safety, health and environment for any business.

SHETray manages any type of safety, risk and compliance event that is important for your business including:

  • Incidents (injuries and equipment damage)
  • Hazard observations and identifications
  • Near misses
  • Environmental
  • Legal
  • Stakeholders
  • Business

The SHETray health and safety module can be used with the other modules of PeopleTray or on its own. Either way, the PeopleTray notifications, actions and document management model helps your safety team identify issues and ensure corrective actions are implemented to keep your business compliant and operating safely.

PeopleTray is a responsive web application which can be used on any device from anywhere. Every person on your team is able to report hazards and contribute towards a safe and effective operating environment.

PeopleTray’s licensing model means you can add your team members at no charge. Licence fees only apply to team leaders and managers, so all team members can register events, notify team leaders or hazards and submit reports. This makes PeopleTray a low cost system that fosters participation in safety and compliance for your business. Your team will love it.

The PeopleTray safety software module is instantly deployed for your team. Simply register and start. It includes the incident/hazard reporting and risk management software tools for every business that is involved in hazardous activities.

Incident and event reporting workflow

SHETray uses workflows to guide the event reporting process. A simple workflow is implemented by default, making it easy to get started. The event report workflow include the following features:

  • Every team member is able to report health, safety or risk related events from their PeopleTray home page.
  • The safety coordinators are notified of the events as soon as they are reported.
  • Reporting workflows can be used out of the box or can be configured to your requirements easily. They can be a single step, or multiple steps with different people and roles handling different parts of the reporting, investigation and corrective process.

Risk register

The SHETray risk register allows you to develop and maintain a register of the risks that are associated with your business. Each risk has:

  • Classification, scenario description, location and exposure group.
  • An assessment in terms of likelihood and consequence of a negative event
  • Related documents such as audits and reviews
  • Actions related to the risk
  • History of incidents and events that have been associated with the risk
  • A responsible person
  • A schedule of controls to mitigate the likelihood and consequences of an event related to the risk

Risk controls include:

  • Type and description
  • Implementation status and effectiveness
  • Last and next review dates

Role compliance

Compliances are recorded for each team member to ensure team members remain compliant for their roles.

Team leaders are notified of expiring licenses and compliances to ensure that everyone is compliant and has the documents in place that are required for their role.

Online – reliable and secure safety software

SHETray is an integrated health and safety software module of the PeopleTray team management system, delivered with the reliability and security of the Microsoft Cloud.

View our Introduction and getting started videos to see how PeopleTray can help your team succeed – today.

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