Getting Started with projects

Assigning users to the Projects module

Users with the User role of Administrator and System Administrator have access to all modules, including the Projects Module via the Module selector (right hand end of Blue Menu bar).

Any users assigned to the Projects Module in the user role settings of their Profile also have access to the Projects Module. To assign a user to the Projects module, as open the person’s profile. Click Product Settings > Module Settings Tab > Click Projects:

Setting up the module

There are three stages for setting up Projects prior to adding your first project.

  1. Set up a Projects workflow (Essential)
  2. Add the required Custom Fields (Optional)
  3. Set companies in the PeopleTray CRM to customers, so you can link your projects to your customers. (Optional)

PeopleTray service providers are available to assist in setting up the projects according to your requirements.

1.      Set up a Projects Workflow

The first step to using Projects, is to set up a workflow model that includes the required information tabs that you required and, if required, the steps of the workflow.

Once the Project Workflow is set up, you can start adding and managing your projects.

See the user guide for Setting up and using workflows.

When a workflow type is set as a ‘Project’ Type, it automatically becomes associated of the Projects module. i.e. Projects added in the Projects module will use the Project workflow.

2.      Add custom fields

You can add custom fields to the Project Details page of projects including:

  • Dropdown lists
  • Text boxes

Custom fields can optionally be added to the Project filters.

See the user guide for Setting up custom fields.

3.      Set companies in CRM to ‘Customer’ status

Projects can be nominated as Internal or Customer on the Project Details page. If Customer is selected, an additional field displays where the Customer can be selected.

The list of available customers is the list of customer companies in PeopleTray’s CRMTray module. To add companies to the list, do the following:

  • Open the CRMTray module.
  • Add a company (if none have previously been added).
  • Open the company, then click the Settings tab.
  • Set the Customer Status to ‘Customer’. This company will then display in the Customer selector when adding or updating a project:

For more information on using the CRM Module, see the CRMTray user guide.

Projects Module guide